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I am an Australian based photographic digital artist, who uses my work to respond to issues pertinent in the media, popular culture, and in the way we experience the world. Ironic, facetious, and sometimes confronting, these images can be appreciated both for their surface of playful exuberance, and for the sagacious social critique. Working mostly in series, I drew much of my inspiration from growing up in the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne with themes that explored some of the conflicts, disappointments and inequalities lurking beneath the veneer of everyday life. My work has also investigated concepts relating to domesticity, gender roles, social rituals, home ownership, alientation in work, home and family enivronment and the frustations felt by individuals by the demands of contemporary living. My earliest influences include, Andy Warhol, Howard Arkley, David LaChapelle and Cindy Sherman.


I received my Bachelor of Graphic Design from Swinburne University in 1997. In 2017, I completed my Masters of Art Therapy at LaTrobe University, Bundoora

Awards & Nominations:

I have achieved an extensive exhibition history both in Victoria and interstate. I have participated in numerous group shows such as, Monash Gallery of Art (Charmaine Hardy, 2016, 2004) “Light sensitive, Contemporary Australian Photography from the Loti Smorgan fund (Hardy & Strong) at the National Gallery of Victoria (2006-2007) and Tarrawarra Museum of art (Charmaine Hardy, 2004). My work is held in both private and publlc collections such as Monash Gallery of Art and the National Gallery of Victoria.

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